Find the right UPS®, FedEx®, & DHL Express® benchmarking and negotiations product.


We offer no lengthy or onerous contracts and we don't charge you a percentage of what we save you for a period of years. In short, we offer an industry leading product at a fraction of the price of our competitors. We offer benchmarking and negotiations services designed to meet our customers’ expertise and interest level in negotiating with their carrier. In short, you have choices. These choices range from electing to use the industry leading benchmarking, price targets and negotiation roadmap what we provide and negotiate on your own all the way to hiring us to do all the heavy lifting for you while you focus on your core business. Let’s take a closer look below.


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The "Targets” package is ideal for shippers that just want to know what they should be paying versus what they are paying and is often a great first step to take before reaching out to your carrier or issuing an RFP for new rates. This is the most straight forward product we offer and only provides our clients with price targets and a high-level negotiation strategies document. All we need is your shipment data and your contract and we can have the targets and strategies delivered to you in 3-5 business days.


The "Targets+" package is ideal for shippers that meet the following criteria:
- Have adequate negotiation experience,
- Don't expect significant changes to the shipment volume or profile,
- Are only interested in negotiating with the existing carrier,
- Have less than $5,000,000 annual shipping spend.

The Targets+ package provides you with the pricing targets for each Carrier and effective strategies to reach those targets. Based on your carrier contract, data, and a brief questionnaire, our proprietary software and technology performs a comprehensive analysis of your shipping patterns, service mix, package characteristics, and pricing. A detailed list of pricing targets based on services and accessorial charges is then generated. In addition, ParcelLogix provides a summary of the financial impact of achieving each target. Pricing targets are formulated based on our involvement in thousands of UPS®, FedEx®, & DHL Express® negotiations. Our technology considers the key carrier cost-factors in our benchmarking analysis. We also include a client-specific document that includes effective strategies to negotiate successfully with the carriers. This solution is ideal for companies that anticipate little or no change to shipping patterns.


The "Premium" package is ideal for shippers that meet the following criteria:

- Have little or no experience negotiating with the parcel carriers,
- Expect significant changes to the shipment volume or profile over the next 6-12 months,
- Are interested in negotiating with two or more carriers, and implementing multiple shipping contracts,
- Have more than $5 million annual shipping spend.

Our “PREMIUM” package is designed for companies with more complex shipping considerations or where service mix and/or substantial changes in volume may be expected. With many organizations constantly evolving, it can be challenging for even the most robust technology to accurately forecast changes and the options that exist. Our PREMIUM service pairs you with our team of parcel program engineers. Our engineers all have several years of carrier pricing experience. Through a comprehensive assessment, we come to fully understand your environment and evolving requirements. Aligned to meet defined business objectives, we work with you to engineer a custom, high-volume parcel program with recommendations on modes, carriers, and services, resulting in contract optimization so that you can negotiate the most competitive carrier rates for your organization.
We continue to provide ongoing support and guidance throughout the negotiations process, as well as financial analysis of bids received from UPS®, FedEx®, & DHL Express® throughout the initiative. We will analyze each UPS®, FedEx®, & DHL Express® bid response and will help with the negotiation of all aspects of your contract(s), assessing all relevant factors. Once your contracts have been negotiated, we ensure compliance and provide recommendations to help you make the most informed business decision. The final carrier selection is ultimately yours. We just help you get there.


Data Analysis

A high-level assessment of your UPS®, FedEx®, & DHL Express® shipment profile and pricing, which enables us to determine what opportunities exist for making improvements to your UPS®, FedEx®, & DHL Express® agreements.

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Shipment Profile

As part of the Comprehensive Data Analysis, you will be provided with a document that summarizes your shipment profile, including current pricing, annualized spend, service mix, Zone distribution, and weight mix for UPS®, FedEx®, & DHL Express®.

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Projected Savings

Your Data Analysis will include an annual savings estimate that can be expected by negotiating with UPS®, FedEx®, & DHL Express®. Note that this will be a general range without considering many potentially relevant details.

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Contract Analysis

A thorough analysis of existing and active carrier agreements, including discounts, accessorial charges, dimensional weight adjustments, rebates, tier qualifiers, and terms and conditions. The output includes a comprehensive list of all areas where there are overcharges.

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Target Pricing Per Carrier

A detailed list of market premium discounts by UPS®, FedEx®, & DHL Express® service level and any relevant accessorial charges will be produced. These discounts will be the targets to pursue during negotiations.

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Savings Analysis

A detailed list of savings based on market premium discounts (UPS®, FedEx®, & DHL Express®) versus current pricing will be provided for each service level and accessorial charges.

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Negotiations Strategy Document

All of our paid services include our proprietary document that provides detailed negotiating tips to have successful negotiations with each carrier and to achieve market premium results.

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Kickoff Strategy Session

All of our paid services include an initial strategy session to review the current UPS®, FedEx®, & DHL Express® pricing, pricing targets, financial savings expectations, and negotiating tips based on carrier relationships, current environment, and goals.

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Contract Compliance

Prior to implementing the final UPS®, FedEx®, & DHL Express® agreement, ParcelLogix will ensure that all services, accessorial charges, as well as terms in the agreement are addressed. With more than 100 categories and sub-categories within discounts, accessorial charges, minimums, rebates and dimensions, it’s more common than not that something is overlooked.

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Support & Guidance

Our ongoing support and guidance is our commitment to assist you throughout your UPS®, FedEx®, & DHL Express® negotiations process. Prior to any meetings or conversations, we encourage our clients to contact their dedicated analyst to prepare for these discussions. This ensures that any necessary adjustments are considered.

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Analysis of Proposals

We perform a detailed analysis of any proposal from UPS®, FedEx®, & DHL Express® and provide a financial impact analysis to our client. This service is offered throughout the term of the negotiation.

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Implementation Validation

Once your new UPS®, FedEx®, & DHL Express® contract is in place, ParcelLogix will ensure that your carrier agreement is in compliance. Upon implemenation of your UPS®, FedEx®, & DHL Express® agreement, shipment detail will be reviewed to ensure proper coding of all discounts, accessorial charges, portfolio tier / earned discount tier compliance, and terms & conditions.

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Changes to Profile

We recognize that your past history is not always reflective of what will happen in the future. Perhaps there is an effort to move to new services, make a new acquisition, or change the distribution process. Changes may influence the opportunities that are available. We welcome those discussions.

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Strategy Adjustments

Various factors can impact negotiations with the carriers and like any negotiation; there is a balance between giving and taking. With thousands of negotiations in our portfolio, we’ll ensure that the correct adjustments are made along the way.

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Process Assessment

ParcelLogix’s complete evaluation includes a comprehensive assessment and review of shipping processes, packaging, dimensional weight and other potential issues and concerns.

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RFP Document Preparation

Prepare any RFP/RFQ documents for all participating parcel carriers, and compiling the required data packets, prior to launching any RFP/RFQ initiatives.

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RFP Management

Manage each step of the RFP/RFQ with UPS®, FedEx®, & DHL Express® to ensure that the initiative is a success.

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Onsite Review

Before our experts get to work, we meet with you to better understand your environment and evolving requirements. We perform a comprehensive on-site assessment of shipping processes, packaging, technology, and operational factors. (Available upon request).

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