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With thousands of successful negotiations with UPS®, FedEx®, & DHL Express®, ParcelLogix brings a level of sophistication to your negotiation process and significantly reduces your parcel shipping costs.  Simply comparing rates is inadequate in assessing UPS®, FedEx®, & DHL Express® pricing since the rates involve many cost components. In addition to discounts, there are nearly 100 various accessorial charges, dimensional weight factors, and a variety of other components influencing your annual spend. The terms and conditions must also be reviewed to ensure that all variables are accounted for, discount tiers are being met, and that all the sub-sets of services are inclusive.

All these factors must be included to accurately assess the carrier’s proposal.  Few shippers have the sophisticated tools needed to capture all relevant charges.  The way to address this is to see what UPS®, FedEx®, & DHL Express® see. We can help. We know what the market will bear and can leverage this knowledge to cut your current UPS®, FedEx®, & DHL Express® costs.