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What’s included in your free savings assessment?

Your personalized free savings assessment provides you with a snapshot into your potential parcel spend savings.

Savings estimate

We look at your current spend, our own data sets, and shipping rates to provide you with an accurate savings estimate.

Proposed timeline

We’ll analyze current market conditions, carrier engagements, and other factors to create a timeline for executing your estimate.

Comparable rates

We’ll compare your data against similar co no mpanies to see what best-in-class rates could be available from the major shippers.

Long-term partnership

We’ll map out a plan for turning your initial savings estimate into a long-term strategy that works to get you the best rates.

How our free savings assessments work

Getting started with our free savings assessment is easy. Here’s what to expect:

You fill out the form and provide us with basic info to start the process.

We create an initial estimate based on that information.

We have a meeting to gather more details for our estimate and timeline.

You partner with us and we start the parcel spend optimization process.

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