Visualize your parcel spend from every angle

Identify operational opportunities, eliminate overspending, verify savings, and ensure contract compliance with a comprehensive analytics solution for parcel spend.

Parcel Spend Analytics

Optimized costs, maximized savings

Drill down to individual costs and uncover new savings with our powerful parcel spend analytics platform.

Customized Reporting

Access competitive benchmarking and analytics with one of the best data sets in the industry.

Intuitive Visualization

Visualize carrier data to develop a complete understanding of your current shipping.

Painless Orchestration

ParcelLogix manages all data processing on your behalf, including gathering, cleaning and integration. 

  • Carrier data
  • Enhance visibility
  • Discount rate tracking
Generate Ongoing Insights

Make sense of your parcel data

Parcel spend optimization lives and dies by data. We'll show you how yours can help you achieve double-digit cost savings.

Unlock Carrier Data

Find hidden savings in your carrier data

Visualize the data within your invoices and contracts to find efficiencies, identify problems, and communicate cost savings across your organization.

Enhance Visibility

Gain a holistic view of your parcel costs

See exactly where your parcel spend is going with end-to-end visibility, including a complete breakdown of each individual expense and fee. ParcelLytics allows you to customize your data feeds and reports, making it easy for you to measure spend and track KPIs.

Discount Rate Tracking

Ensure contract and carrier compliance

View a breakdown of your net rates, how they measure up against market prices, and the discounts for which you should qualify — then leverage that data to reduce costs. With ParcelLytics, you can quickly see if carriers are honoring your discount rates.

Enable data-driven spending and decision-making

Get visibility into parcel spend, generate deep insights on shipping costs, and proactively address overspending when you partner with ParcelLogix.