TForce Cost Optimization

Reduce your spending on shipping with TForce

Unlock your TForce carrier data to more accurately track spending and identify potential discounts while ParcelLogix negotiates the best possible rates on your behalf. 

TForce Contract Renegotiation

How we negotiate lower rates with TForce

Because keeping track of costs is so challenging in high-volume small parcel shipping, you're probably overspending with TForce. With ParcelLogix as your partner, you can count on better rates, more discounts, and a deeper understanding of your parcel contract and spending. 

We'll take care of all the heavy lifting for you, leaving you free to enjoy the benefits of simpler, more cost-effective TForce shipping.  

our process

How we secure you the best shipping rates

We combine our expertise and proprietary benchmarking data to identify overspend and savings opportunities with parcel carriers. With our process, you gain a better understanding of rates, discounts, and your overall shipping costs.

Initial Contract Optimization​

Ongoing Engagement


Looking for a different carrier?

If you've determined that TForce isn't the right choice for you, don't worry. ParcelLogix works directly with the top shipping providers in the United States and Canada, including: 

Additional Carriers


Frequently asked questions

Our TForce benchmarking and negotiations services are designed to meet our customers’ expertise and interest level in negotiating with TForce and other carriers directly.

There are many reasons why your TForce rates may be higher. Answering this question would require an assessment of your current shipping spend data, TForce contract, and other factors to identify areas of overspend.

Yes! You can negotiate shipping rates with TForce and other major carriers. Our parcel optimization service handles this entire process for you.

Negotiating better shipping rates is challenging without access to your parcel spend data and a general understanding of the shipping industry. Obtaining the best discounts will require a thorough review of your current contract and service level agreements.

There are many ways to save on TForce shipping, from optimizing your packaging to ensuring you’re using the most cost-effective shipping options available. However, the most significant savings are typically achieved through the carrier contract renewal process.

Unlocking favorable TForce discount rates requires a deep understanding of shipping rate structures, parcel volume, and other industry-specific metrics to ensure you get the best discounts possible.

Yes, we can! Get in touch with us to obtain a free savings assessment to see what you could be saving on your shipping with TForce.

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Our free analysis includes a high-level assessment of your shipment profile and savings opportunity.