Reduce Small Parcel Shipping Costs

Lower rates, reduced spending, better parcel contracts

Let us unlock your shipping data, negotiate better rates, and help you gain full visibility into your parcel spend.

Working with leading businesses:

Parcel spend starting at $1 million

Shipping Costs Are Skyrocketing

We'll show you how to keep them in check

Partner with ParcelLogix to achieve granular visibility into your parcel spend, a better understanding of carrier rates and contracts, and long-term insights to save even more.

Negotiate Better Rates

We’ll negotiate with your carriers to secure the best rates possible through a combination of our market intelligence and expertise.

Reduce Overspending

Reduce costs today then save even more through long-term operational insights with ongoing monitoring.

Visualize Parcel Spend

Gain a deeper understanding of how and where you spend on shipping with access to ParcelLytics — our parcel spend analytics platform.

our services

How we help you get the best rates

We’ve designed our parcel spend optimization service to handle the entire process, from initial discovery to contract signing, implementation, and enforcement.

Contract negotiations

Secure better carrier contracts during renewal and renegotiation while reducing negotiation time 
— all without lifting a finger.

Parcel spend audit

Verify parcel savings and spend with help from an expert partner who works with major organizations like McKinsey.

Data visibility

Unlock your carrier data to gain a better understanding of your spending, your supply chain, and where you can save money.

Carrier diversification

Reduce shipping overhead by strategically engaging the most cost-effective carrier for each zone and region in which you operate.

Reduce parcel costs by up to 35%

Don't pay a cent unless we save 
you money

Guaranteed Results

We only win if you win more

We only get paid if we identify ways to save on your parcel spend. Ready to get started? Take our free savings assessment.


A smarter way to see and manage shipping costs

Our powerful parcel spend analytics platform organizes your data into an intuitive visual dashboard, making it easy to see how shipping impacts your margins.

Parcel Spend Optimization

Better rates, lower costs, more visibility

Alongside our extensive understanding of the carrier landscape, we've assembled one of the best, most accurate data sets in the industry for benchmarking, assessing, and visualizing your parcel spend. 

Carrier diversification

Find the best carriers for you

Reduce shipping costs and create a more robust supply chain by strategically engaging with multiple carriers. Access major shipping companies in both the United States and Canada while ensuring you ship with the most cost-effective carrier every time you send a package. 

Leave the
negotiations to us

Our deep understanding of carriers allows us to take on more complex engagements while providing the highest level of service to our customers. 
It also gives us an edge during contract negotiations.

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